People Keep Making Memes Of This Boy Who Had The Worst Time At The Fair

Being a kid is kind of the worst. You are forced to do all the stuff you don't want to do (go to museums, school, Toronto) and prevented from doing all the stuff you want to do (pee in a squirt gun and shoot your shitty older sister with it).

Plus, even when your parents think they are bringing you to do something you like, they can be completely wrong:

MOM: I organized a play date with Tommy from school! YOU: Tommy has pet pigeons and no video games. MOM: You'll love it!

One aunt documented a scenario a lot like this. She decided to bring her nephew to a funfair in order to, you know, have fun at the fair. Unfortunately, her nephew wanted absolutely zero to do with any fair anywhere.

The word "fair" comes from the latin word "farus," which means "not Disney World."

Here is her original tweet. As you can see, this kid was about as happy as me during the screening of "Jurassic World."

I did not like "Jurassic World" at all. I don't care if you liked it. I did not. That movie is eye-diarrhea.

Of course, people instantly recognized its meme-ability.

But, what I wanted to know was, what was this little dude thinking that had him so down? Apart from, of course, "I'm seconds away from dying from boredomitus."

So I contacted a psychic named "Cyrus Notaréalpérson" and had him tell me what was on this kid's mind.

Here is what he's actually thinking in each picture.

Twitter/Alec MacDonald
Twitter/Alec MacDonald
Twitter/Alec MacDonald
Twitter/Alec MacDonald

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