Meek Mill Forces Homeless Man To Do Pushups For Money, Internet Slams Him


It's becoming difficult to tell when Meek Mill will stop taking endless "Ls."

Ever since Drake destroyed him on "Back to Back," this dude just hasn't been the same. Not only did he lose his dream girl Nicki Minaj, but the world also saw him slip and fall down the stairs at his mom's house like a clumsy fool.

On top of that, most people have already forgotten about his last album DC4. The man needs a miracle!

That's precisely why I was saddened to hear Meek Mill has taken yet another loss. This time, however, he was in complete control of his own fate.

In a recent video shared on social media by Meek Mill himself, the 29-year-old Philadelphia-born rapper forces a homeless man to perform pushups in exchange for a $20 bill.

Keep in mind, Meek Mill is one of those rappers who still thinks fanning out cash in Instagram selfies is cool. You'd think he'd be grateful for his own success as a recording artist and just do a good deed for the homeless... NOPE.

It turns out Meek had another (disgusting) idea in mind: make the homeless man work for it.

Of course, Meek must've forgotten that he is a well-known celebrity. The internet quickly exploded with criticism regarding the rapper's tasteless actions, and people are PISSED.

Here's the disgusting video of Meek Mill forcing a homeless man to do pushups for money.

WTF was he even thinking?!

Here you go, Meek... You deserve it.


It didn't take long before Twitter erupted to call him out.

He might've lost whatever was left of his fanbase after that stunt!

What if fans made Meek do pushups for song plays?!

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

It's almost like he forgot where he came from or something.

He had TWO options...

Despite his most recent demeaning stunt, it must be noted Meek Mill has done charity work with several youth organizations that aim to provide resources for the less fortunate.

Unfortunately for the "Litty" rapper, forcing a homeless person to do pushups for $20 will overshadow ALL of his past work with those charity organizations.

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