McDonald's Forgot To Put This Crucial Ingredient In Its Mozzarella Sticks

Just when you thought McDonald's was doing the right thing by bottling Bic Mac sauce, the food chain found a way to disappoint in the most hilarious way.

Several customers have reported ordering recently-debuted mozzarella sticks from the McD's menu only to find them missing the most crucial ingredient: cheese.

McDonald's forgot to put the mozzarella in the mozzarella sticks, which makes them breadsticks -- hollow breadsticks.

Bereft patrons took to Twitter to voice their disappointment and confusion.

After the heartbreak set in, a few were able to joke about it...

McDonald's isn't the only offender, however. Sonic has also been known to skimp on the cheese in its mozz sticks.

McDonald's introduced the fried item not so long ago as part of its new “McPick 2” campaign. There's no word yet from the fast food chain as to where the cheese might have gone.

Could it have disappeared Departure-style like Nora's entire family in "The Leftovers?" Or is the cheesy goodness simply hiding under tiny invisibility cloaks?

Whatever the case, McDonald's customer service tweets would suggest restaurant officials are on the case.

As a side note, proceed with caution when searching "#wheresthecheese" on Twitter. There are some nasty pictures that snuck their way into the shuffle of hollow cheese sticks. You've been warned.

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