You Can Now Buy Big Mac Sauce By The Bottle, But There's A Catch

Big Mac sauce: It's Thousand Island dressing with a certain je ne sais quoi that puts a spell on burger lovers around the world. And now, for a limited time only, burger lovers are be able to purchase it by the bottle -- a 500ml flip-top bottle, to be precise.

A bottle of Bic Mac sauce will only set you back $4.95, but you better act fast because McDonald's plans to distribute just 4,000 in supply.

Another, more disappointing catch? They'll only be available at 40 Micky D's locations... in Australia.

Take a saucy vacay to the land down under and stock up while you can. Better yet, make your own Big Mac sauce at home. That way, you can leave out the preservatives and make a vat of it big enough to fill your bathtub.

Slather it on everything from burgers to poke to pizza and beyond. We're not here to judge.

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