Marshawn Lynch Narrating 'Planet Earth' Iguana Chase Is Epic

A day before we all became incredibly concerned about the wellbeing of our planet (Donald Trump was elected president the following day), a lizard showed us that we could survive anything.

Thanks to "Planet Earth II," we were rooting on a little lizard that could. And deep down in our heart of hearts, we were wondering if we had it in us to survive dangerous situations as well.

This brave lizard truly unleashed BEAST MODE when faced with adversity in the form of a lot of creatures that wanted to eat it.

Pair this badass video with an interview in which Marshawn Lynch talked about his "Beast Quake" run from 2011, and you've got solid internet content, my friends.

Why is audio of Lynch describing his famous run -- in which he honest-to-God looked like he rubbed himself in petroleum jelly because the Saints defenders just could *not* catch him -- so perfect when attached to this iguana escaping a bunch of hungry snakes?

Sure, it wasn't life or death for the football player on the field, but this iguana thinking to itself, "Uh-oh. Might be trouble," makes it look even cooler.

Can we get the former Seahawks running back to do some more narrations?

For the record, and just because it's an amazing run, here's the original Beast Quake in all of its 67-yard glory.

jordypa on YouTube

Maybe this iguana being chased by racer snakes on the Galapagos Islands is a metaphor for my life: I gotta learn how to run past the haters.

If you'd like to hear the original narration by 90-year-old David Attenborough, be my guest. It's still really thrilling. I would watch a 2-hour long movie documenting this daredevil of an iguana.

BBC on YouTube

Thankfully, you can catch more "Planet Earth II" when it premieres in the good ol' United States of America on January 28 on BBC America.

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