Apparently Mario Isn't A Plumber Anymore And Twitter Is Asking The Same Question

Kazuhiro Nogi / Getty

So, you know Mario? The beloved video game character was probably a huge part of your childhood gaming addiction. However, major update: Nintendo has decided to change up Mario's résumé, HelloGiggles reports. Nintendo's Japanese website apparently describes Mario as a "plumber long ago," implying that he quietly changed careers sometime between our '90s sleepovers and now. Twitter, understandably, asked the same question: "Mario isn't a plumber anymore?!"

What happened to Mario's day job?

Like, he obviously switched up his persona — race car driver, golfer, etc. — for each game, but he always had his toilet-fixing day job to keep him grounded. His brother Luigi is (was?) a plumber, too! (Though he does appear to dab now, Nintendo doesn't say that Luigi's career changed on their website. Perhaps family drama is to blame for Mario's departure from the plumbing industry?)

Anyway, Twitter naturally had feelings about Mario no longer being a plumber. Was it so wrong to assume the nostalgic character would stay the same and — like some cheesy yearbook quote — never change? Maybe. But that didn't stop people from hopping on social media to express their feelings about Mario's mysterious résumé update.

What is Mario doing nowadays?

Will we ever know?

“It's-a me, your Uber driver!”

He's a hero, nonetheless.

But still, WTF?

No word on when or if Nintendo will reveal Mario's new job, but with Super Mario Odyssey making its Nintendo Switch debut on Oct. 27, we might have answers soon. (If you don't already own a Nintendo Switch, the console retails for $299.99 at Best Buy FYI.) After watching the game trailer, I can at least confirm one thing: no-longer-a-plumber Mario is as cool as ever — especially in 3D.

Because Super Mario Odyssey involves collecting "Moons," maybe Mario is dipping his toes in astrology? Personally, I'd trust horoscopes coming from a guy with the word "super" before his name.