Man With Parkinson's Films Video To Prove How Well Weed Can Treat Tremors

Ian Frizell

Ian Frizell's pro-weed argument may be shocking, but it's still convincing.

Frizell, a 55-year-old British man who has Parkinson's disease, created a video that shows the frightening symptoms that take effect before he takes a dose of marijuana and after he takes one.

Here's his minute-and-a-half demonstration:

The video, which was published last week, was made in response to a growing interest in the British Parliament to make use of cannabis legal for medical purposes.

Frizell said he wanted to show how marijuana could take quick, positive effect, and he accomplished it by, in part, avoiding his medication.

During the video he said,

What you are seeing here is my Parkinson's tremor with absolutely no medication whatsoever. I cannot tolerate the prescription medication for Parkinson's disease. They make me feel extremely unwell.

At around the 10-second mark of the video is when the tremor begin. As the seconds roll on, the tremors gain intensity, and the image of Frizell sitting and experience those tremors become more sobering.


Frizell does, however, leave for a break to "self-medicate."

He explained,

What I'm going to do now is to self-medicate with some marijuana and then come back after 20 to 30 minutes to show you the difference.

When Frizell returned, the contrast was undeniable. After taking a "small pinch" of marijuana and inhaling it through a vaporizer.

You can see that my tremor has calmed down significantly. In fact, it's almost completely under control.  


Frizell was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2011 and has suffered from its symptoms since 1995, according to As for the pro-cannabis support among politicians the 55-year-old man spoke of, a recent poll found that more than half of MPs (members of parliament) supports the legalization of medical marijuana.

Going forward, there's no doubt that cases like Frizell's will provide support for their endeavors to make meaningful legislation happen.

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