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Man Leaves Waiter $750 Tip To Travel Home For The Holidays

It all started with a seemingly innocuous conversation about music.

Ben Millar, a 22-year-old server, had been talking to a customer about the band U2. Millar's girlfriend told the Irish Independent,

The customer informed Ben that he had just been in Ireland to see the band. Ben, jokingly said, 'Wow, I wish I could go back there for a weekend and visit my family,' thinking nothing of it.

Ben, you see, works in Texas and his 21-year-old girlfriend, Taryn Keith, is eight months pregnant. According to the Irish Independent, Millar had been planning to fly to Ireland once the couple's son, Killian, was born.

What Millar didn't plan was to get some unexpected help from a complete stranger, but when he came to collect the check for the meal, he got exactly that.

Keith posted a photo of the special note the customer left on the bill.

While the total amount paid for the meal came out to around $120, the patron went out of his way to give a $750 tip with a caption that read,

Hopefully, this can get you back to Ireland for the holidays.

The incredibly generous customer left before Ben was able to thank him. Now it seems the couple is showing their gratitude by broadcasting the message that was left for Millar.

Keith implied as much herself when she wrote in her Facebook post she wanted to show there wasn't only "hate out there" in the world.

Facebook/Taryn Keith

And now, thanks to the customer's act of kindness, it looks as though there's been a little bit of weight lifted off the couple's shoulders. Keith said,

I think it's a blessing and it couldn't have happened to a better guy than him. He works really hard. He's pretty stressed right now with money and the baby coming, so this just made his whole year. It's good to know that there are kind people in the world.

The couple's son is due in January.

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