Man Finds GF Naked In Bed With Roommate After Coming Home To Fix Argument


It's always tough to go through a rough patch with your SO, but whatever you do, have some class and don't cheat on your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Not only is it the coward's way out, but if you get caught with your pants down, pictures of you being a colossal douchebag might just surface on Facebook.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

That's what happened to this girl, whose BF had headed to her place to fix things after an argument.


But instead of talking things through with the GF and possibly salvaging the relationship, he walked in on her naked in bed with her roommate.

The guy was clearly extremely pissed, so he got revenge by posting pics of the two cheaters for all their friends to see.

And if that wasn't bad enough, the caption he posted with it was absolutely savage.

It read,

So I confronted my girlfriend who loves me about a time a little while back where she tried to take a guy home when she was drunk. We got into a fight (obviously) I came back early in the morning to try and fix it to find this. The fucking shit in bed with her fucking room mate. I give this fucking cunt everything and this is how I get fucking repaid. If you guys see me (ineligible) you know why.

First of all — dude, bin that chick.

Whether or not she was drunk, trying to take another guy home is a big enough red flag in the first place.

Props to him for wanting to sort everything out, but imagine being in that positive, go get 'em mood  -- only to walk in on this.


Ain't nobody got time for that.

Still, though — posting these intensely private photos on FB is probably a little too harsh.

I have a suspicion they're going to be just fine without each other.

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