Man Caught Blatantly Looking Up Women's Skirts At Walmart In Creepy Video

Sarasota Police

Walmart seems to be a popular gathering place for shameless individuals.

I'm not talking about the savvy shoppers that frequently scour the aisles of Walmart for deals or even the people that are willing to trample strangers to snag a Black Friday bargain.

The shameless individuals I'm referring to are the sexual deviants who have been caught prowling around this place.

Remember when we told you about that classy couple that decided to film a sex tape in the toy aisle of Walmart?

Well, it turns out those two aren't the only savages who have been engaging in some grossly inappropriate activities at Walmart.

A man was recently arrested after invading the privacy of several shoppers at a Walmart in Sarasota, Florida.

Sarasota Police

Yep, after wandering around for some time, it appears the thing this man was searching for wasn't an item located on one of the shelves.

Instead, this pervert was on a mission to take a peek at some of the other customers' goods.

More specifically, surveillance cameras caught Alan Ralph kneeling on the floor and blatantly looking up the skirts of unsuspecting women as they shopped around Walmart.

After several victims complained, Ralph was arrested by Sarasota Police and charged with voyeurism.

Police have since released the incriminating CCTV footage that shows Ralph in the act.

In the video, everything starts out pretty normal. You can see Ralph pushing a cart around the store as he browses the aisles and minds his own business.

Sarasota Police

However, things quickly take a turn when he approaches a woman from behind and gets a little too close for comfort.

While the woman's back is turned, Ralph drops down to the floor in order to get a better view of what's hiding beneath the woman's skirt.

Sarasota Police

He then finds another skirt-clad victim and repeats the whole disgusting process.

Sarasota Police

Another clip from the surveillance video shows Ralph without his cart, kneeling next to yet another woman.

Sarasota Police

As she looks up to inspect an item on one of the shelves, Ralph gets on his hands and knees in order to look up her skirt.

Sarasota Police

But that's not all-- he then tries to get a glimpse of yet another woman's goodies in the bicycle aisle.

Sarasota Police

Ralph's wandering eyes were first brought to the attention of Sarasota police after one of the victims reported his sleazy behavior following an incident at Walmart in October.

Upon reviewing the surveillance footage from the store, police confirmed the man committed these inappropriate acts on two occasions: October 3 and 29.

Sergeant Mike Dumer of the Sarasota Police told Fox 2,

This was a purposeful event on his part. It wasn't something he did on happenstance. You can see him wandering around the store in various different shots, looking for potential victims.

Ralph has since been charged with three counts of voyeurism and has been taken into custody by police.

His bail has been set to $15,000 and upon his release, he is forbidden to make contact with the victims. He's also been ordered to stay away from the Walmart store.

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