Savage Couple Films Sex Tape In Toy Aisle At Walmart Because Why Not

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It's no secret people will have sex just about anywhere these days.

Remember when we ruined your innocence by showing you a pretty gross Snapchat of a couple taking on "The Sticky Fingers Challenge" on the subway?

Well, if you thought THAT public display of affection fingering was bad, you might want to brace yourself.

We just came across an even more adventurous couple, and they'll put those steamy subway riders to shame.

Allow me to introduce you to the couple who had sex in the middle of a Walmart.

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Allegedly, these two were walking down the toy aisle when they came up with the genius idea to have a quickie... right then and there.

And as if that's not bad enough, this shameless couple decided to cut out the middle man and ensure their sexcapades would end up on social media by filming it themselves.

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That's right: These savage shoppers actually filmed a sex tape at Walmart, and uploaded it onto the internet.

Because let's be real: There's nothing hotter than having sex while being surrounded by discount children's toys.

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It's unclear whether the woman in this video is wearing a skirt or just really short shorts. But nonetheless, her outfit definitely allowed easy access. So, the two swiftly started romping in broad fluorescent Walmart light.

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The rest of the video features the standard thrusting motions you'd expect to see in a sex tape, expect for the fact that – you know – these bold individuals are doing the deed in the middle of Walmart instead of in a bedroom.

It doesn't take long for this guy to get the job done. After the two finish up, they simply go back to shopping like it's no big deal they just showed the whole world what it looks like to fuck inside a Walmart.

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The recording of their romantic endeavor only lasts a little under two minutes. But trust me: The video is definitely long enough to scar you for life, and quite possibly make you question your faith in humanity for the rest of eternity.

Seriously. All I have to say is, this is one classy couple.

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