Obama's 17-Year-Old Daughter Caught Playing Beer Pong At College Party (Photo)

Getty Images

At 17 years old, Malia Obama is just like any other high school senior getting ready to go to college next year.

Except, of course, her father is still the president of the United States, and she rolls around everywhere with Secret Service.

About a week ago, while visiting Brown University, she was snapped (in a photo obtained by The Daily Caller) at a party playing beer pong, and for some reason, I'm not surprised.

The Daily Caller

It's actually pretty lit her pops still lets her outside of the White House to figure life out for herself.

It just sucks nobody in the room could keep it low-key and just let her live. Here's some f*ckboy blowing her spot up on Twitter.

Best of luck to Malia wherever she decides to go to college next year. Just make sure you avoid f*ckboys like Colin.

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