Male Wedding Guests Try To Rip Off Bride's Underwear In Bizarre Video


Certain wedding games have been making me feel super uncomfortable lately, guys.

For instance, when a bride gave her husband a fake blowjob last week in front of her family and friends, I was wildly embarrassed for everyone involved.

After that, I thought I'd seen the worst of bizarre weddings, but the internet proved me wrong once again.

Recent footage allegedly posted today onto Miaopai — a Chinese video-sharing platform — reveals a wedding game gone sour.

The video, shared by MailOnline, was reportedly filmed at a Chinese couple's wedding and shows rambunctious male guests trying to rip the bride's underwear off while she sits in bed with her husband.

Um ... is this considered a sexual game or sexual assault? Because I'm REALLY confused.

The footage begins with males violently ripping a red duvet cover off the newlywed couple.

Then, they reach onto the bride's beige tights and try ripping her underwear off.


The woman, seemingly disheveled and mildly embarrassed, pulls the comforter back up to cover herself as her husband holds her back.

At this moment, men are still trying to pull her undergarments off and I'm STILL confused whether or not this is still a "game."


Just when the couple thought they were safe, the men next to the bed rip the duvet off once again and send the bride to expel a shrieking scream.

As she rolls across the bed, her husband takes hold of her and pulls her closer.

I'm still in shock that he's still smiling and not beating the shit out of his friends for trying to strip his wife down to nothing.


Actually, maybe he isn't smiling anymore.


Whatever the case may be, he definitely doesn't look thrilled.

The horrifying game ends when the bride makes her way to the corner of the bed and pulls one of her bra straps over her shoulder.

How does she not feel violated AF right now?

If I were her, I'd literally be in tears.

Regardless, I'm a little afraid to discover what kind of games are going to be revealed during next week's kinky weddings.

Stay tuned, my friends.