People Are Adding Makeup To Their Thighs And The Results Are So, So Strange


I'm no beauty guru, but I have to admit: Makeup looks pretty damn weird when you add it to your thighs.

I'm not kidding! Thigh makeup is the oddest trend I've seen in a long time, and it's taking Instagram by storm.

Lately, people have been drawing faces onto their thighs and using makeup products to decorate them as if their legs went on a trip to Sephora — and it's just as strange as it is impressive.

Some people are calling their works of art #ThighFace, and they're so oddly glamorous I can't look away.

See?! My mind is blown. This chick can do better makeup on her leg than I've ever done on my actual face, and that's a fact.

Why though?

To be honest, we aren't exactly sure. But, we can assume people are turning their thighs into makeup masterpieces for a few sensible reasons.

For starters, applying makeup to your thighs can be great practice for the real deal (aka your face).

By doing so, you're able to give your color pallets a test run and see what tones look good on your skin.


Another reason behind the strange new trend could be that some makeup lovers are downright sick of applying makeup to their face, so they resort to their thighs instead.

They're innovators, and we're all for it.


Whether they're trying to practice their makeup skills or expanding their makeup horizons, I support the thigh makeup trend.

Eyes on the thighs, people. Eyes on the thighs.

You can't deny the fact this eye makeup is insanely impressive.

In fact, it's almost so impressive, it's kind of creepy.

To be completely honest, I'd be both frightened and intrigued if someone walked toward me with faces on their thighs.


Creepiness aside, I definitely give these ladies credit for finding an innovative way to show off their beauty skills.

I know my thighs will never look that glamorous.

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