Mailman Tries To Expedite Delivery, Accidentally Drops Package In Toilet Instead

by Robert Anthony

You're trying your hardest to be helpful to someone, but end up giving them more work to do instead. We've all be there, haven't we?

One thoughtful mailman knows that situation all too well.

Twitter user Sam Cooke took to social media after he realized his mailman had accidentally placed his package in the toilet. Cooke knows it was an accident due to the honest note the mailman left him to say sorry.

At least, he didn't do this...

Here's what happened: The package he was attempting to deliver didn't quite fit through the mail slot in Cooke's front door.

The determined mailman had a few options. He could have left the package on the man's doorstep where it would have been susceptible to sticky-fingered thieves.

Instead of risking it, the dedicated postal worker chose another option. He pushed the box through one of Cooke's windows. The only problem was the window led to Cooke's bathroom. Right underneath the window was the toilet.

Yeah, he delivered the package right to the man's toilet. He was obviously trying to do Cooke a huge favor but to no avail... OOPS!

A mailman left Twitter user Sam Cooke this letter after he attempted to deliver his package through a window since it wouldn't fit through the slot.


The postal worker left a second note for Cooke apologizing after accidentally dropping his package in the toilet.


The shocking evidence...


Here's Sam's full tweet about the hilarious incident.

Nice try, mail guy. It looks like you really tried your hardest to expedite Sam's delivery, but your technique worked against you and led to a very stinky situation.

I guess leaving packages on people's doorsteps will be the best option next time!

As for Sam Cooke, look at the bright side of things... At least you got a viral tweet out of it. I just hope whatever was inside that box isn't damaged.

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