This Magician Messed Up A Magic Trick And Stabbed A Woman On Live TV


When this magician messed up he REALLY messed up and it's not even funny.

Marcin Poloniewicz went on Polish TV show "Question for Breakfast" to perform a pretty gnarly trick involving very sharp nails.

Now, considering he previously got pretty far on "Poland's Got Talent" for this sort of thing, you'd hope he knows what he's doing.

He hides a massive nail in one of three brown paper bags and asks host Marzena Rogalska to slam her hand down on one.

The magician lines up her hand with a bag.


This guy knows what's coming...


Then BAM! Look -- you can see the nail sticking out of her hand!


We don't know what went wrong exactly, but it's clear this next bit isn't staged. She lets out a bloodcurdling scream that'll make you physically recoil in horror.


Then she drops to the floor in pain. Remember, this is all on LIVE TELEVISION. Think of the children!


Marzena was then taken to hospital, given medication and had her hand wrapped in a bandage.

She later posted on Facebook that she was fine. She wrote, "Thank you for your support. I'm alive. Everything will be fine."

She is a brave, brave lady.

If you can bear to go through this again, here is David Blaine performing the trick properly: