These Made-Up Words You Use Every Day Are Now In The Dictionary

In an effort to try to keep Millennials thinking the dictionary is totally rad, just added over 150 words to its official list of things you can use while playing Scrabble or, like, just talking and stuff.

Words and phrases like fleek, bestie, EGOT, KenKen, yaaas and drunk text all made the cut in this round's addition list, as well as more than 1,000 revisions to existing entries.

This means the sentence, “Yaas, bestie, you are looking on fleek like a decked out KenKen puzzle about to complete your EGOT,” is actually a sentence.

Yup, you can say that sentence all you want now! Finally!

Internet slang made a major dent in the entry list as well with doge, Internet of Things, facepalm, feels and TBH all being recognized by what I imagine is a committee made up of 50-year-old people listing stuff their teenage daughters yell at them during carpools.

There was also some random headway made toward gender equality on this words list -- sure, I'll take it! -- with the addition of the gender-neutral title Mx being officially recognized.

Words added to will join a prestigious and very selective list of over 5.5 billion entries. The words join other recent dictionary additions like beer o'clock, manspreading, hangry and awesomesauce.

See, kids! The dictionary is still PRETTY fleek.

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