Wine O'Clock, Hangry And Awesomesauce Are Now Officially Real Words

Not that you needed anyone to validate this, but wine o' clock is now an officially recognized part of the day.

In its effort to stay up to date with modern lingo, added a small list of acceptable words and terms to its database that are more reflective on how our generation functions, how we express emotions and how we communicate with the world at large.

You know, with terms like beer o'clock, manspreading, hangry and awesomesauce.

That is not a typo. Awesomesauce is an official word we can use on legal documents, in presidential speeches and other important things you do while wearing a suit.

The quarterly lingo update has become a sort of litmus test for where modern society is at any given time. For instance, in the past, frequently used words like “Muggle” and “MacGyver” were added to the list of acceptable terms.

While other generations were into fixing problems using inventive solutions and reading, our generation is seemingly super into planned drinking, mispronouncing words and sitting with our legs wide open on public transit.

Other terms that made this quarter's cut include mic drop, car cafe, brain fart, pwn and cupcakery.

Very excited for a presidential address in the future that involves the word snackable.

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