Everyone's Anxiously Watching This Live-Stream Of A Guy Scaling Trump Tower

Some guy called Steve from Virginia is scaling Trump Tower right now in the center of Manhattan.

The unidentified man is using those cool suction pads you see in all the "Mission: Impossible" movies.


He only got a couple of floors high when emergency services were alerted. Police closed down part of Fifth Avenue and 53rd Street.

Rescue workers initially popped open a grate from the inside of the building in a bid to catch him. He changed his direction and started moving left.

Moments later, rescuers busted a huge hole in a window above him -- causing shattered glass to rain down on his head.


A window washer lift is also closing in on him.

He is literally surrounded from all sides and can't go up any higher.

The Trump Tower climber is having to clean the windows to make sure his suction pads get enough grip to support his weight, which is being held by no more than a couple of harnesses.

ABC 7 is live-streaming the incident right now, so prepare to feel very anxious while you watch.

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