This Little Girl Just Went Viral For The Most Bizarre Reason

Next time you're munching on sunflower seeds, be extra careful with how you're disposing of the shells -- or you'll end up going viral on Twitter.

That's exactly what happened when Mia Simper's 6-year-old sister got caught in the sunflower seed spit crossfire.

I was spitting sunflower seeds out the window on the way home but I guess they found their way back in the car.. — mia simper. (@MiaSimper101) June 26, 2016

According to Mashable, the Indiana teen and her sister Ella were heading back home from a trip out to the lake. Mia had been snacking on sunflower seeds throughout the ride and spitting the shells out of the window.

Only Mia wasn't actually disposing of the seeds like she thought she was. Instead, they were flying in through Ella's window as she napped. The result? Hilarious photos and a valuable lesson learned: Don't spit sunflower seed shells out the car window this summer or they just might end up on your loved ones (and make them Internet-famous).

So far, the epic photos have racked up over 7,000 retweets and 14,000 likes on Twitter.

In a recent interview with Mashable, Mia revealed,

She (Ella) is getting sick of all our family members saying she's famous, but... in a sassy six-year-old way. Overall, I think she thinks it's pretty cool.

Hey, you never know. She might even land a reality TV series on Bravo called "Sunflower Seed Spit Girl Knows Best." I wouldn't be surprised!

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