Little Girl's Brutally Honest Thoughts On Disney Love Stories Are So Accurate


The best thing about being a kid is living in a world wrapped in a big ball of innocence.

But not this little girl. Her innocence died a long time ago.

Tooth Fairy? Not real. Santa? You gotta be kidding. Disney-style romance? Get out of town.

We don't know how old she is, but when this girl was quizzed by one of her parents about a couple, she gave the most depressing reply.

I've seen this before and it isn't pretty. You don't want to know. They'll kiss on the mouth and plan about having kids, then they'll break up and get a divorce. They'll get old and no one will care for them. Happy at the beginning, dead at the end.



Who hurt you, little girl?

The ominous take on life was revealed in a string of messages which have found their way to Imgur.

One of the girl's parents said,

I am so proud of my daughter for not having bought into the Disney Princess romance story... My work here is done.

By work, do you mean shattered remains of a happy human?