Little Girl Devouring Cotton Candy Is The Cutest Thing You'll See All Day

Let's be real: If you're going to a baseball game, you're probably going to get your grub on.

But no one gets their grub on like 3-year-old cotton candy aficionado Beatrix Hart.

Beatrix and her family attended a Seattle Mariners game on Wednesday, and even though the Mariners won, the most memorable moment for all the fans there was watching the "Cotton Candy Girl" on the big fan cam.

Turns out, watching this girl chow down is way more fun than watching a great game of baseball.

I'm not sure I love anything as much as this girl loves cotton candy.


Beatrix's dad, Jake Hart, told ABC News she was super excited to be at the game.

He said,

Lind had hit a big grand slam and everyone was happy, and we were celebrating with some cotton candy.

According to her dad, Beatrix acts like this all the time and is a huge baseball fan.

I'm sure her parents are constantly entertained.

Of course, Beatrix's reaction (to what we all know is the cotton candy and probably not the grand slam) went viral, and people can't get enough of her.

@Mariners@jakehartnyc she's running on Lind power. — John McCallum (@johncmack) September 8, 2016

Her love for the fluffy treat made the internet collectively go, "Aw!"

@Mariners That is too cute. — Angie (@happylifeluvr) September 8, 2016

I'm sure anyone who loves food as much as this girl loves cotton candy can totally relate to the mess she made.

Of course, loving cotton candy and baseball so much can really take it out of you.

For the record, the Seattle Mariners won against the Texas Rangers 8-3, but this little girl is the real winner here.

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