The Little Boy In Moschino's New Barbie Ad Is Everyone's Favorite Person

This boy wearing Moschino is fierce AF, and the Internet CANNOT handle it.

It's a known fact eccentric billionaire entrepreneur Barbie loves Moschino.

She loves it so much, in fact, the Italian designer recently inked a deal with Mattel to produce a line of clothing for the astronaut/workout instructor/teacher/business woman/deep sea diver.

Moschino released a promo video for its tiny doll clothing collection, and it features a boy who literally has all the attitude of RuPaul at a “Kinky Boots” sing-along concert with a coif that WERKS. 4. Dang. Dayz. And. Doesn't. Stop.

The Internet can't get enough of this giant gold and leather-covered middle finger to the concept of gender stereotypes.

This kid deserves ALL the commercials from now on.

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