No One Has To Know About Your Desperate Job Search With LinkedIn's New Feature

Forget messing with side pieces. Everyone knows what's really tricky is messing with side companies.

Don't worry, though -- LinkedIn is here to help. The professional networking company is introducing a new feature that will make it so much easier to cheat on your job.


The video tutorial below gives an overview of the new service.

LinkedIn on YouTube

In an article on the company's official blog, LinkedIn's director of product management, Daniel Shapero, said,

Open Candidates is a new feature that makes it easier to connect with your dream job by privately signaling to recruiters that you're open to new job opportunities. You can specify the types of companies and roles you are most interested in and be easily found by the hundreds of thousands of recruiters who use LinkedIn to find great professional talent.

So here's how Open Candidates works.

When you're on the LinkedIn jobs page, you'll be able to modify your preferences. In the "preferences" tab, you'll have the option of toggling Open Candidates off or on.

When you do select Open Candidates, you'll be prompted to answer several questions about your job hunt -- the industry you want to work in, when you'd be available to start, the area in which you'd want to work, etc.


And the best part is, LinkedIn will help you by recognizing the company you currently work for. Not only will it hide your secret job search from your current employer, but also from your current employer's sister companies.

Now, you can privately indicate to recruiters on LinkedIn without worrying. We will hide the Open Candidates signal from recruiters at your company or affiliated company recruiters.

It's genius!

Now all everyone has to do is trust that LinkedIn will never, ever, ever, ever screw up and accidentally let their bosses know what's up. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.

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