This Leo DiCaprio And Obama Pic Made Twitter Come Up With Epic Fake Convos


What do the leader of the free world and an Oscar-winning actor talk about when they're in the same room together? The Internet knows!

We reported earlier how the White House invited Leonardo DiCaprio and the cast of "Stranger Things" to its South by South Lawn festival and White House Student Film Festival respectively.

Will the Duffer brothers, who will also be in attendance, try to convince Leo to join the hit Netflix show's second season as a new love interest for Joyce or maybe even a creature from the Upside Down?

Probably not! But a guy can dream, can't he?

While at SXSL, Leo DiCaprio will premiere his documentary “Before the Flood” and have a chat with President Obama and atmospheric scientist Dr. Katharine Hayhoe about climate change.

To get people amped for the arrival of the bear-killin' "Revenant" actor who formerly had a beard that rivaled Gandalf, the White House tweeted a picture of Leo and the president.

Of course, Twitter exploded in response, coming up with plenty of potential conversations the two could get into.

It turns out that Barack, just like the rest of us, does not know why Jack had to die at the end of "Titanic."

Oh man, do you think the plots of "The Revenant" and "Titanic" happened in the same universe? Let the conspiracy theories commence.

No, Mr. President. Leo will not hug that bear cub. Way. Too. Soon.

What is Leo not telling us? Is an "Inception"-like device real?

Hold up, I need to check my totem real quick.

It's clear that Obama wants a juicy part after his second term ends.

Give him a chance, Leo. Commander in Chief? More like Commander in Thief because you just know he's about to steal some scenes.

While the two will probably only discuss climate change, I hope the subject of the ice caps melting turns into a heated debate about Jack's survival options towards the end of the movie "Titanic."

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