Leaked Vid Might Show iPhone 8 Being Made In Factories, So Maybe It Does Exist


At this point, people are more inclined to believe that unicorns exist rather than the iPhone 8. Tech experts have put consumers through a myriad of leaks and rumors about Apple's highly anticipated anniversary phone. However, everyone is still waiting for confirmation from the company itself about the device's details... and it's been excruciating (to say the least). But now, an alleged video of iPhone 8 being made has surfaced, so perhaps it really is happening and we can cross the gadget off the mythical creatures list.

Two videos have appeared on Weibo and Slashleaks according to Business Insider, and both seem to depict Foxconn workers working on shells of the iPhone 8, though no one can confirm this for certain. Techies can only hope this footage is not a hoax. Everyone is patiently waiting to get their hands on this cell, so toying with emotions with a fake video would just be plain, old cruel.

The phone's major changes will appear in the front of the device with a vertically aligned position for the camera. Take a close look: If you can figure out where exactly that is on the phones' shells, perhaps this video is the real deal after all. Get your specks out and take a gander. You'll have to move quickly to keep up.

Customers are also eagerly awaiting confirmation of the phone's color. Recent rumors have also suggested that the rose gold iPhone will now be called "Blush Gold", so obviously, when these babies do hit the shelves, you'll know what color to purchase. But, like most of the gossip, no one can confirm if the "Blush Gold" color is definite, or what gigabytes will be available in what color.

Oh, Apple, the torture of it all! Even though no one wants to see summer go, the fact that everyone will be treated to this device come the fall has techies rushing the season. C'mon Apple, you're killin' us!