Lamar Odom May Be Back On Drugs, Crack Pipes Allegedly Found At His House

According to TMZ, Lamar Odom may have relapsed after friends visiting him reportedly found crack pipes, roaches and other drug paraphernalia "scattered" around his home. Allegedly, the discovery came out of an attempt friends made to check Odom back into rehab.

Given Lamar Odom's history with crack cocaine, these reports are heartbreaking. Back in November, he nearly died after a drug overdose left him incapacitated at a Nevada brothel. Since then, he seemed to have made a full recovery, showing up at Lakers games and making public appearances with ex Khloé Kardashian.

Recently, E! released a clip from "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" of Lamar Odom opening up to Scott Disick about his recovery process. In the clip, Lamar says he's taking it "day by day," though the journey to recovery has not been easy. Speaking on his experience at the hospital and waking up from a four-day coma, he says,

I was trapped in my body. Couldn't even say 'excuse me' or 'thank you.'

Here's to hoping the rumors aren't true and Odom can make a full and speedy recovery.

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