Kitten Saved From Hurricane Is Dobby The House Elf's Double

While Hurricane Matthew's destruciton was truly horrific, there have been stories emerging from the devastation that are truly inspiring.

One such story is how a family got a chance to adopt this cute little kitten pictured above.

The adorable feline in question was rescued from the storm and brought to a Petsmart in Raleigh, North Carolina in a sweater made out of a friggin' sock.


That's right, the person who dropped this itty-bitty Kreacher... uh, I'm sorry, I meant creature, also gave it a sock that will definitely be in the next L.L.Bean for Cats (note: this is not actually a thing).

But wait a second. Hold up. Is this a kitten in a sock, or is it...


Do you get my Kreacher reference now? Of course, you do... if you love "Harry Potter" as much as I do.

The fact that this kitten was dressed in a sock, which is the very gift Harry Potter gave Dobby to free him from the Malfoy family, is even more fitting for this comparison.

Why is Harry Potter next to this kitten? Oh, I'm sorry. I totally thought this was a picture of the rescued cat because they LOOK SO MUCH ALIKE.

Warner Bros.

Can't you imagine this little guy trying to convince Harry Potter not to go back to go Hogwarts? If I were Harry Potter, I'd totally listen. Bye Hogwarts.


Well, the above picture was captured by a Twitter user by the name of Sarah who not only met this adorable little lump of fur, she also confirmed that a family adopted the kitten, according to Buzzfeed News.

Sarah's story has been retweeted over 70,000 times.

I wish I could call this kitten my own because I would absolutely call it Dobby. Any other name would be pure blasphemy.

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