Kim Kardashian Met Her Doppelgänger For One Epic Instagram Selfie

Getty Images

If you live in LA, then you likely see Kim K look-a-likes everywhere you go. But by the looks of one Instagram post, this woman could be the real deal.

With nearly 240,000 Instagram followers, Kamīlla Ōsman lives life like a true Kardashian by taking selfies on the reg, showing up for "KUWTK" tapings and tilting her head to the side a lot.

Apparently, she didn't get her copycat look by accident, but had some work done on her nose and lips "for medical reasons." I feel you, Ōsman. Not looking like a Kardashian is a medical condition millions of us have.

In the caption for the post, Kim's doppelgänger wrote,

Look who I ran into the other day - @kimkardashian, we can't wait for you guys to see our episode of #KUWK and see what we were up to xo Kim is such a sweet person and so so gorgeous, my god! -Kami.

Just try and tell them apart.

You couldn't, could you? Don't worry, diehard Kim fans, neither could we.

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