Terrified Kid Screams As A Hungry Llama Puts Its Head Inside Car Window


Every time my parents would pack the kids up in the car to go visit my aunt, we would drive past a billboard advertising a petting zoo that promised local farm animals and injured wild ones were being taken care of until they could be released back into the wild.

Literally every single time we passed this billboard, I would think,

Oh, my God. This is it. They're taking us to the zoo instead of my aunt's boring house.

And literally every single time as expected, we would pull into my aunt's boring driveway instead of the fun, educational natural environment for animals and historical museum I so desperately craved.

But perhaps, they were protecting me from something far more sinister: The Llama.

The Jensen family was enjoying a visit to Tennessee Safari Park when one of the llamas ignored a child's terrified screams so it could get its head into a bucket of feed.

My favorite part was the mother screaming,


It wasn't a concerned scream. It was a scream that suggested she wanted this documented on camera forever.

Poor Trey. This is bound to show up on all of his family members' Facebook pages and will surely be the first thing his parents show his future wife.

I mean, if I were the parent in this situation, I would replay the video on loop every time he'd bring friends over when he's a teenager.

Oh, you think my son is cool, huh? Bet you won't invite him to UNDERAGE DRINK when you see HOW AFRAID he is of LLAMAS.

I am going to be a great mother.

After he found out he was popular on Reddit, Trey addressed his fans.

Jokes aside, everyone has at least ONE thing that terrified them as children...

Whether that's a llama coming inside your car window to steal a bucket of food or as was my childhood fear, going to open a kitchen cabinet and having Stone Cold Steve Austin pop out to deliver a stone cold stunner on my frail, tiny body.

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