Kid Rock Reveals New Line Of Trump Graphic T-Shirts

After news broke that Donald Trump won the election, hordes of angry people took to the street in protest.

While media reports and masses of anti-Trump Americans may have you believe that Trump is a pretty despised man, you might be surprised to know that the Donald actually has a fair share of die-hard fans out there.

First, there was that obnoxious man who was banned from Delta flights for life as a result of his Trump-inspired rant on an airplane.

Now it seems some celebs are also showing their support for the incoming POTUS.

That's right. The most 'Merica musician of all time — Kid Rock — just decided to share some of his political views with the world by creating a collection of Trump-inspired T-shirts.

Because let's be real, there's no better way to spread your personal beliefs than by plastering them right on your body in the form of a tacky T-shirt.

Kid Rock's new Trump shirts feature slogans that sum up up the Republican party in three words.

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Plus, there's an intriguing graphic tee that split's the nation into two territories: "The United States of America" and "Dumbfuckistan." Based on Kid Rock's apparent lack of geographic knowledge, I'm going to assume that he resides in the latter of the two.

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Last but not least, there's also a stylish tee that contains what appears to be some sort of Donald Trump-related insult that doesn't seem to make any damn sense.

Warner Brothers Records

If you're looking to snag one of these shirts as an early Christmas gift for yourself, or you know, maybe your racist, Trump-adoring uncle, you can buy one of these bad boys online for the low price of $24.99 each.

Seriously, try to resist the urge to burn your entire wardrobe and buy a lifetime supply of these patriotic tees.

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