This Man Won The Fourth Of July With His Insane Homemade Fireworks Bazooka

by Adam Silvers

For many, Fourth of July weekend was all about food, fun and fireworks. When you weren't stuffing your face with hamburgers and hot dogs, you were chugging can after can of Budweiser. I mean, "America."

And after you were nice and full and intoxicated, maybe you decided to light up a sparkler, or a roman candle or six. Well, judging by my Snapchat feed and the fact that I couldn't go to bed until 2 am this morning, you definitely weren't alone.

However, I can pretty much guarantee your backyard shenanigans weren't anywhere close to the level this man achieved over the weekend.

As you can see in the video above, this dude took fireworks to a whole new level by firing off round after round from what appears to be not one, but TWO homemade fireworks bazookas.

Let me tell you something, people: Not only is this man's ingenuity visually stunning, it's something George Washington would be proud of.

The only way this video could be any more American is if this guy was firing off fireworks from his homemade bazookas while riding a giant bald eagle, listening to "God Bless America" on repeat.

This man is a national hero, and he should be treated like one.

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