JOY Clothing Store Slammed For Sexist Facebook Ad

Check out this dress from JOY, a clothing company.

It's awesome and has pretty birds all over it and is the perfect dress to wear when you meet your boyfriend's parents because it's not low-cut, so his pervy dad won't stare at your boobs.


Yeah, that's the exact marketing campaign behind this dress someone stuck in the 1950s came up with -- and it's making people very, very angry.

The dress is called "Meet the Parents," and the sexist description reads,

Show your boyfriend's mom you're the girl to take care of her little prince in beautiful dresses that scream marriage material. Keen length skirts exude class while respectable necklines mean father-in-law won't have a heart attack when you lean across the table for a second helping of roast potatoes.



Either this is ironic and the best piece of pre-Christmas PR sass known to man, or someone completely clueless is stuck in a war-time era where The Blitz is just as real as sexism.

It was sent out via email to JOY subscribers, who have since bombarded the firm's Facebook page with messages.

Lianne Hare said,

If I'd wanted something to look after I would have bought a puppy. As it stands my girlfriend looks after herself pretty well, because she's a grown woman who is in a relationship for a partnership. Try to refrain from blasting out your 1950s heteronormative advertising for 2017. You might win a few more customers. Also, if anyone's partners dad is ogling their boobs over dinner, punch him square in the nose and take that meal to go.

Leslie Gold had no time for it either. She wrote,

Your 'Meet the Parents' marketing email is incredibly offensive, outdated and ill-conceived. What were you thinking? You've lost me as a customer, and I've shared your email with my friends. Poorly played, Joy.

JOY has yet to respond to the comments.

Nice dress, though. Please wear this exact outfit when you meet my parents so my father doesn't touch you. Thanks.

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