Dad Tweets Hilarious Things Daughters Say About Halloween

Dad tweets are the best, aren't they?!

When it comes to casually slaying mad jokes on Twitter, this dad is the real MVP of the game.

He seems like a pretty chill dude, and I have to give him major props for his Twitter wit constantly being so strong.

*Totally not jealous at all*

James Breakwell is both a father and a comedian (although, the two pretty much go hand in hand) who uses Twitter to document all of the hilarious shenanigans his four get into.

He has a massive following of 672,000 fans on his social media account.

LOL, my 466 followers straight-up pale in comparison, so this dad is basically way cooler than me, but ANYWAY...

These are his four adorable daughters.

And this is what a typical tweet looks like on James' account.


You can see why he has an actual INSANE amount of people following him. This shit's funny AF.

And now, in honor of getting the Halloween vibes going, James has been tweeting about how his daughters have been hardcore trolling him over Halloween.

Seriously, though, this family needs to do a reality TV show. These little girls shut it DOWN.

Hold up one sec. This 4-year-old brings up such a solid point.



Pure genius, and super accurate. It's like this 6-year-old is reading my mind or something.


For real, who needs to eat anything other than candy when it's Halloween? That'd just be silly.

"Harry Potter"-themed squad goals = met.


In the tweet, James said,

I'm holding tryouts for my quidditch team. Things aren't looking good So far I've got two chasers, a disgruntled owl, and a golden snitch.

Can you deal with this little munchkin's cuteness, though? Because I literally cannot.

Thanks for the laughs, girls.

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