Hopeful Apple Report Suggests iPhone 8 Might Be Here Earlier Than We Thought

Andrew Burton/ Getty Images

On Tuesday, Aug. 1, Apple released a highly-anticipated report I hoped would read, "Yes, the rumors are true. Here's everything you want to know about the new iPhone 8. You're amazing. Love, Apple." Instead, the press release, straight from Apple's Newsroom, is about the tech company's third quarter results and projected Q4 earnings. While the report doesn't give any new product details outright, a dig between the lines suggests something (aka maybe something called the iPhone 8) will cause a spike in revenue, and of course, Apple hinted at a release date.

How much of a spike?

Apple's guidance for Q4 suggests they expect somewhere between $49 billion and $52 billion. Compare that with $45.4 billion in Q3 after seven percent growth, and you have a major cash boost. However, the sneaky tech giant fails to tell us from what.

Is it an iPhone 8?

Considering Q4 begins just after the iPhone 8's rumored release in September, fans are connecting the dots and assuming that new iPhone + new quarter = more earnings.

But, according to BGR, these projected numbers could also take into account Apple's answer to the Amazon Echo, the HomePod, which hits stores in December '17 -- or, it could "mean that Apple is predicting a big uptick of people upgrading to the iPhone 7s or 7s Plus."

When will we have an official answer from Apple?

Ah, the question I ask myself every time my iPhone 6 freezes. In the same press release, CEO Tim Cook offers the following statement,

"We hosted an incredibly successful Worldwide Developers Conference in June, and we're very excited about the advances in iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS coming this fall."

So, maybe (strong emphasis on "maybe"), we'll know something concrete re: the iPhone 8 come fall when the rest of the Apple updates are announced. Although, it's very likely that the new phone won't actually be here as early as we'd hoped. We'll just have to survive on rumors and leaks in the meantime.