The iPhone X Battery Life Will Last Way Longer Than Your Old Phone


There's literally nothing worse than carelessly scrolling through your apps to discover that your battery life is at a measly 10 percent. I don't know about you, but I always make the mistake of overusing Snapchat until it eats away at least half of my charge, and then I continue to text my group chat with the confidence my dwindling battery can handle it (FYI, it never can). Luckily, Apple announced its newest phone during a keynote event in Cupertino, California on Sept. 12, and they revealed the swoon-worthy iPhone X. Believe it or not, the iPhone X battery life will last a lot longer than your current phone -- so get excited.

After shocking the audience at Steve Jobs Theater by announcing the iPhone X (which followed the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus), Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed some exciting information about the upcoming release. One of the coolest (and most convenient) features he revealed was about the iPhone X's battery life, which will definitely last longer than your current iPhone. Cook explained that the battery inside the iPhone X will last two hours longer than current iPhone batteries, which means you can stay on your favorite apps for long periods of time without guilt.

If two hours of extra battery life doesn't impress you enough, I'm sure this tiny surprise will: The iPhone X will have wireless charging. YUP. In addition to a longer battery life, your iPhone X will be cord-free and ready to charge wherever a wireless charging station or mat is available.


As you can see from the picture above, these wireless charging mats will charge your iPhone X, Apple Watch, and your AirPods. Plus, it's sleek AF (I'd much rather have a charging mat next to my bed instead of an old, fringed charging wire). According to Apple's website, the charging mat is actually called the "AirPower mat," and it works with Qi wireless chargers that are typically available in cafes, airports, and hotels around the world. That means you won't have to search the airport walls for a free outlet so you can charge your phone and check into your flight (been there, it's not fun).

Thanks to Qi charging combined with AirPower, you'll be able to charge your Apple devices by simply placing them on top of the mat. It's that simple. This is also perfect if you and your friend are trying to share a charger, because you no longer have to bicker for an available outlet. Instead, you can charge up while your devices sit on the AirPower mat together. Now that's friendship.

Now that you know how to charge your iPhone X and how much longer the battery will last you, let's try to figure out how long your new phone will stay charged. According to Fortune, the iPhone 7 lasted 12 hours on a single charge while the user was taking ongoing calls over cellular networks. With the help of simple math, you can come to the conclusion that the iPhone X would instead stay charged for 14 hours. Fortune also concluded the iPhone 7 stayed charged for over 10 hours while the user surfed the internet, which means the iPhone X would be charged for 12 instead. This is a lot of time you can spend scrolling through Instagram or Snapchatting your friends.

Courtesy of Apple

In addition to a longer battery life and wireless charging, the iPhone X will come with awesome features like facial recognition (Face ID), animated emojis (Animojis), and an OLED screen.

It's safe to say you're going to want this iPhone... even if starts at $999. Pre-orders for the device begin on Oct. 27, and they will be shipped starting Nov. 3.