This Instagram Update Is Life-Changing For People Who Count Their Likes

There are few things more annoying (in the #firstworldproblems sense, anyway) than having 10 likes on an Instagram post and knowing  just one more would change that jumbled list of usernames beneath your photo to a nice, neat "11."

Fortunately, that feeling may soon be a thing of the past: According to Mashable, Instagram is testing out a format that will show every photo's likes in numerical form, as opposed to only those photos with 11 likes or more.


Twitter user Maya Kosoff was the first to share a screenshot of the update on social media.

Instagram doesn't show names of your likers anymore even if you have less than 11. Game changer for teens, I predict — Maya Kosoff (@mekosoff) February 18, 2016

Though many think the update is an upgrade from Instagram's current methods…

Instagram always is showing numbers!!! Now when I post a pic and get 5 likes I won't feel like a loser !!! — La flame (@robbyFNblaze) February 18, 2016

…not everyone is on board.

Is my phone malfunctioning or did Instagram update so that there are numbers instead of names before you reach 11 likes? I don't like this — David Branson (@davidkbranson) February 18, 2016

Some are excited they no longer have to wait to see the names switch to numbers…

#instragram So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye instagram degradation due to less than 11 likes — Tom Morris (@morris_tom93) February 21, 2016

…while others think it cheapens the excitement of getting likes.

Instagram now shows your number of likes before you get to 11 no longer are the days of seeing names turn to numbers nothing really matters — normal guy (@fijiwaterpapi) February 18, 2016

Still, some reports indicate likes will still appear as usernames if there are less than three.

Even though Instagram changed the numbers, I still wait in anticipation for my picture to have 11 likes... — Emily Benkert (@purplemaye) February 18, 2016

Which is probably a good thing, because seeing “1 like” below a photo seems infinitely more depressing than seeing just one username.

Instagram finally changed it to where you see numbers and not names for likes, even if you have less than 11. PRAISES — Jen Jacobs (@JenJacobs_) February 18, 2016

Stay tuned for details on when this update officially rolls out.

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