5 Photos Of #HurtBae That Prove She'll Be Just Fine After The Cheating


Have you ever met someone who out-cheated a cheater?

A woman named Kourtney Jorge, otherwise known as #HurtBae, did just that.

She become a Twitter sensation within the past 24 hours. People's hearts shattered everywhere after a video was released of Jorge's ex-boyfriend confessing why he cheated on her.

Listen, I don't how #HurtBae's next relationship will go, but I'm sure she'll be just fine -- and I do mean fine.

If she isn't a model already, her gorgeous Instagram pictures prove she definitely has the look and figure to be one.

If you aren't totally in the know, let's back this up a bit.

The hashtag #HurtBae stemmed from a viral video produced by The Scene, in which Kourtney receives an explanation for why she was cheated on.


Her ex's responses were all sorts of messed up, and he seemed super chill about the entire situation. "I wasn't counting" was his answer to how many women he slept with.

The viral video made Jorge a sympathetic figure, and the internet quickly fell in love with her.

Jorge was hurt, and she's definitely a total bae... hence, how the hashtag was born.

Once people on Twitter found out how gorgeous she is, the next thoughts were, naturally:

  1. Why would anyone want to cheat on her?
  2. Her ex is the real loser in all of this.

Of course, number two needs little explanation.


As for number one, some people may be thinking, "Being in a relationship is not that simple. It doesn't just come down to how good a woman looks."

I get that, and you know what? One day we'll need to have a serious talk about that... but that day isn't today.

Today, we are strictly here to celebrate #HurtBae and all her flyness.


Also, It would be remiss of me to not comment on how (surprisingly) calm she was throughout the video. There are many women out there who would have gotten up from that seat and started to fight the guy as soon as he declared he "wasn't counting" the women he had sex with.

Then again, nobody wants to see these baby hairs messed up.

Good luck in the future #HurtBae, I'm sure you'll be just fine.