Twitter's Heart Is Breaking Over Painful Vid Of BF Telling Ex Why He Cheated

by Alexandra Strickler

When a relationship comes to an end, there's often a lot left unsaid between the two partners.

While most of us tend to over-analyze the situation alone and draw our own messy conclusions, Kourtney Jorge had the unique opportunity to confront her ex-boyfriend Leonard Long III about their fallout.

In a video for The Scene, Jorge and Long sit face to face as they have possibly the most difficult conversation of their lives.

The video begins with her simple question:

What did you do?

Long's heartbreaking answer:

I did everything.

In the six-minute clip, he tells his ex-girlfriend he had sex with several different women during their relationship. When asked how many other women, Long can't even put a number on it.

At first, it might seem easy to completely hate this dude and label him the bad guy, but the video manages to soften the blow as the couple describes how their relationship first began.

Jorge and Long met one another in a college class, a time when Jorge actually didn't even like Long that much, as she admits in the video.

A few years later, they moved into the same apartment complex and stumbled upon one another in the building's elevator.

She said,

You offered to bring my groceries upstairs.

Apparently, he started off as a total gentleman. Where the hell did this guy go wrong?

Just as we're beginning to get a peak at the good times in their relationship, Jorge admits that she used to go through his phone.

Despite the clear lack of trust that demonstrates, she had her reasons for being suspicious:

One time, I went to his room, and he had someone else in his room. And he told me to leave. And I went back to my room, and I just cried like, the whole night.

As Jorge wipes away her tears, Long has the audacity to sit across from her with what appears to be a subtle smirk plastered across his face.

Boy, I can only assume you have a bottomless, black, sludgy pit where your heart should be.

The video has now gone totally viral, with The Scene's tweet earning nearly 300,000 favorites.

Twitter has since dubbed Kourtney Jorge #HurtBae.

Ugh, samesies.

Some people saw the underlying value in the couple's conversation.

While others firmly believe Jorge is entitled to a little revenge.

Either way, this video is sure to hit you right in the feels.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a pint of Ben & Jerry's that requires my tears.

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