Insta Account Posts Nip Pics To Prove We're All The Same

I'm all about the whole #FreeTheNipple thing.

New Instagram account @genderlessnipples shares my sentiments on the matter in its bio:

Men can show nipples, women's get banned. Supporting all genders! Let's challenge this policy! Could you guess which is which? Send your nipple to

What's the difference between my nipples and my boyfriend's? Really don't mean to, like, insult his manhood (or my femininity) here, but THEY LITERALLY LOOK JUST LIKE EACH OTHER.

I mean, aside from the whole I-can-lactate thing, they look essentially the same, right!?

I'd obviously like to think if you showed me a close-up nip pic of my female breasts versus his male nipples I'd be able to tell them apart, but, if I'm being completely honest here, I'm not so sure that I could.

And before you go judging me for being an idiot who can't even recognize her own nipples, I DARE you to look through these nip pics on @genderlessnipples and tell me you can say for sure which nipples belong to men and which belong to women.

IT'S A,'s a girl? No, no, it's a boy! No...wait...

OK, definitely a girl. Yep, definitely a girl. Or...maybe a boy? OK, wait, actually definitely a boy.

Um, this one looks super soft so it's GOTTA be a boy...but I guess girls can have soft nipples, too? UGH, CONFUSED.

OK this is definitely all round like a girl's nipples...but boys have round nipples, too!! UGH THERE IS NO WINNING.

All right, I have no idea. Whose nipple is this?! PLEASE COME FORWARD. I NEED TO KNOW.

I think this looks like a perfectly nice nipple. BUT IS IT A BOY OR GIRL? IDFK.

I give up! My towel's in! The jury's out! JUST FREE THE NIPPLE ALREADY.

I think they've proven their point here.

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