Instagram's New Location Stickers Are So Much Prettier Than Snapchat's

by Robert Anthony

Sorry, Snapchat, but Instagram has the best location stickers of all time!

If you're an avid Snapchat user and you wouldn't trade your location stickers for the world, we can agree to disagree. Instagram just unveiled a bunch of new stickers for users to choose from as they dress up their Instagram Stories.

Instagram is currently testing the new stickers in select cities such as New York City and Jakarta. If deemed successful, the vibrant new location stickers (or "geostickers") will be rolled out in other cities.


The new update is available in the latest version of Instagram (10.11) for Apple and Android devices.

The photo-sharing platform issued a statement about the new geostickers, saying,

Since introducing stickers in December, we've loved seeing how you've used them to bring your stories to life — from hats to Valentine's Day fun to customizable location stickers. Now, with more than a dozen new stickers each for New York City and Jakarta, you have another creative option for adding context to your everyday moments.

It doesn't seem like Instagram will be letting up on their relentless Snapchat attack, and the company's latest move is proof.


The press release reads,

When you take a photo or video and tap the sticker icon, you'll see geostickers at the top. No matter where you are in New York City or Jakarta, you'll see a custom sticker for that city. You may see other stickers appear when you're visiting select neighborhoods and landmarks — each one is designed to match the vibe of the location it represents.

Uh-oh, Snapchat! I think you better watch your ass. According to TechCrunch,

According to TechCrunch, Instagram Stories has already generated 150 million daily users. That's said to be significantly more than Snapchat's user count for a similar feature.

TechCrunch's Josh Constine reported,

Instagram Stories is stealing Snapchat usage, which led Snapchat's user growth to plummet 82 percent in the two quarters after Facebook's copycat spun up.

The 'Gram doesn't seem to be showing any mercy after straight-up jacking Snapchat's whole style. It's hard out here for a tech company, huh?

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