Woman Hacks Her BF's Phone In The Most Genius Way To Stop Him From Cheating


Making sure your significant other doesn't cheat on you can be a stressful endeavor.

Most of us accomplish this with, um, "trust" -- but others seem to put very little faith in faith. If you'd like to stop your partner from cheating on you, I guess, feel free to follow this woman's advice: Make his or her lock screen and home screen a photograph of you staring them down.


Yes, people, I know it's a joke.

After all, she is NOT watching him. She is a photograph. Photographs don't have eyes, or brains to process the information eyes collect, or blood to carry oxygen into the brain to process the information eyes collect, or a heart to pump the blood that carries oxygen into the brain that processes the information eyes collect.

Although, please look closely at the evidence provided in those pictures. There is one little clue that makes this "funny joke" seem less and less like one.

Do you see it?

Let me help.


Yeah, she makes him keep his read receipts on.

How do I know she makes him do this, you ask? Because no one keeps their read receipts on except my dad. And, as far as I can tell, she is not dating my dad.

In general, I'd just like to say that if you are actually turning to "strategies" to keep your LOVER (grossest word in the English language behind "phlegm") from having sex with other people, then your relationship isn't on the soundest footing to begin with.