Colorful Facebook Comments Might Be A Thing Soon, According To This One Tweet

Luca Pierro

If you haven't fully gotten used to colorful Facebook statuses, prepare yourself, because colorful Facebook comments might soon be a thing. The social media platform is reportedly testing the feature, so only certain accounts have access. Twitter user Evert Groot, a social media manager at Sorted Management, is one of the lucky ones (is he lucky, though?) able to play with colorful comments. The Next Web's Matt Navarra shared a screenshot of Groot's reaction on Wednesday, Sept. 6 -- and while Groot's not the biggest fan, it marks the first time I've seen the feature IRL.

As with anything customizable on social media, colorful comments might create an overstimulating effect for people innocently scrolling through their timeline. The giant statuses with gradient backgrounds still feel so new that I'm not quite sure I'm ready to give trolls the option to do the same to their unnecessary comments. What if everyone uses a different color? Will the text even be legible? IDK if I'm sold, honestly.

However, if you're interested in changing up your comments' appearances, check your Facebook app to see if you're one of the chosen ones with access to the not-yet-released feature.

For reference, here's what colorful comments looked like for Groot.

As you can see from just three examples Groot tested, it's definitely a different look. The white text is large and sort of hard to read upon first glance. However, it wouldn't be so bad in small doses... I guess.

Reminder: Facebook is reportedly only testing this maybe-awful feature, which means they might scrap it before everyone has a chance to annoy their followers with multi-colored responses. A Facebook spokesperson told The Next Web,

We're always exploring new ways for people to connect and have conversations, so we are testing new features on comments.

I think it's a no from me, FB.