You Can Now Replace Facebook's Reaction Emojis With Icons You Actually Want

Although Facebook was excited to introduce a major update with its new Reactions feature, not everybody is pleased.

While the six Reaction emojis — including “angry,” “love” and “sad” — offer a greater response than the old “Like” button, some argue it's still not enough. Emojis, after all, are kind of tired.

That's why one savvy programmer created Reaction Packs, an extension compatible with Firefox and Google Chrome, that allows users to swap out the standard Facebook emoji reactions with more… colorful icons.

Users can choose from a variety of sets, including Donald Trump, Pokémon and Soot Sprites reactions, or publish their own using whatever characters or celebrities they want. (Just think of the possibilities: Beyoncé reactions. Tina Fey reactions. SpongeBob reactions. I mean, the options are endless.)

To install the extension, head to Reaction Packs and download the browser plugin, then choose the “pack” you'd like to use. Once you're back to Facebook, you'll find all the emojis in your news feed have magically transformed into the characters of your choice.

Totally unnecessary, but also, totally fun.

Check out the packs and download the extension here.

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