Pantone Releases Video Showing How Colors Are Made And It's Mesmerizing

by Gillian Fuller

The color geniuses at Pantone recently released a video detailing how it manufactures all those shades, and it's fascinating.

The video takes the viewer into the Pantone factory, where vibrant colors are dreamt up on a computer and turned into ink using paint-like pigments.

At the Pantone factory, hundreds of thousands of colors are produced every day, each just a shade different from the next.

It's nearly impossible to distinguish the hues from one another — that's why Pantone only employs individuals with “perfect color vision.”

It seems pretty basic, but it's really interesting, especially when you consider how ubiquitous color is. Pantone's shade guides are used for everything, from fabric to paint to crayons. Without its color templates, the world would be a much grayer place.

Check out the amazing video, below.

Welcome to the Pantone color factory, where the world gets its colors. All its workers have near-perfect color vision and can see color distinctions we can't. Posted by Quartz on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

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