This 5-Year-Old Is Going Viral After Dressing As A Hot Dog For Princess Week

It doesn't matter how far away Halloween is, the award for original costume of the year goes to this girl right here.

A 5-year-old from North Carolina named Ainsley took a simple theme at school, put a total 180-degree spin on it and ended up becoming a hit on social media. The accomplishment she received plaudits for? Wearing a hot dog costume during Princess Week at the Holly Springs School of Dance.

People got a kick out Ainsley's unique outfit, which landed the little girl onto the Twitter Moments tab.

As is the case with most people who get 15 minutes of social media fame, a hashtag was created to refer to Ainsley and her hot dog costume: #HotDogPrincess.

She wasn't only shining on social media, though. Ainsley also got to open up her school's recital. Even at her own school, she was still treated like a celebrity.

And the crazy thing, when you think about it, is the hot dog costume isn't that far off. Sure, hot dogs have nothing to do with monarchies, OK. But, we can all agree to one thing: Hot dogs are way better than princesses anyway.

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