Honest Barbie's Life Seriously Defines Millennial Struggles (Photos)

The new-and-improved Barbie is supposed to inspire little girls everywhere to imagine what they can become when they grow up.

Sure, we're all about little girls having big dreams, but what about reality?

Honest New York City Barbie is here to help.

Honest Barbie, which is in no way endorsed by her maker, Mattel, is keeping it real about what being a grown-up gal in the big city is really like.

Between bottomless brunch, broken heels and the ever-more ridiculous price of a good green juice, Honest New York City Barbie is showing us all what it's like to be a woman in New York.

Check out her totally accurate Instagram posts below.

Note to self: Wearing an "ultimate boyfriend" shirt is a red flag.

That awkward moment when you trip down the subway stairs:

Bottomlesssss bruuuuunncchhhhhh!!!

Of course, I forget a hair tie when there's 90 percent humidity.

Bye, paycheck.

For more real talk, check out Honest Barbie's account here.

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