Girl Crowned Homecoming Queen Dressed Up As A T-Rex

I give this girl's costume two thumbs and four T-Rex fingers WAY up.

Homecoming is the night where you come together as a high school, celebrate your community and scream "WE'RE THE BEST SUCKAHS" to whatever opposing team your school is playing in football.

Well, one dedicated senior at a high school in Colorado Springs, Colorado decided to up her school spirit to Cretaceous levels by dressing up as a T-Rex.


World, meet Sarah MacDonald (in dinosaur form, of course).

Not only did she put the "roar" in her uproarious costume choice, but Sarah was crowned the school's homecoming queen as a result. Her competition? Extinct. Long may she reign!

Sarah previous wore the inflatable costume for her school spirit day and guess what? Her senior class won that too.


Are you sensing a pattern here? I think it's pretty clear that this T-Rex costume harnesses the ancient spirit of this fallen carnivore of yore.

What's even more adorable is that the kids Sarah's boyfriend babysits for think she's legitimately a dinosaur.


Could they be right? Let the conspiracy theories begin.

Congratulations, Sarah. Your costume totally hit out of the "Jurassic Park."

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