Guy Writes Hilarious Note Explaining His Topping Choices To His Pizza Place


Oh my goodness, this guy who wrote this incredibly specific, hilarious note to a pizza place is the hero we all wish we could be, though personally I could never do this.

According to an image uploaded to Imgur and posted on Reddit, apparently, this guy asked for green peppers on his medium cheese pizza, but he didn't actually want green peppers; he wanted banana peppers. But, he didn't want the pizza place to think he was being "that guy" by trying to get extra toppings without paying for them, so he ordered the green peppers to make sure he was charged for an extra topping.

If it sounds like I'm rambling, you have to see this guy's hilarious note because this is all explained in a long comment printed on the receipt.

Honestly, it could be the longest but most courteous and informative note/comment ever left for a pizza place. I mean, so many people are that guy and try to game the system to get free stuff from businesses all the time -- but not this guy.

This guy will never be that guy, the person who makes the business owner think, in the guy's own words, "This asshole is going off menu and expects free peppers." At least, he'll never be that guy as long as businesses leave room for comments/essays on their receipts.

This guy is the hero businesses deserve. Check out the entire note for yourself below and you'll get exactly what I'm saying and see why it's so damn funny and unusual.