Facebook/Erdogan Ceren

Heartbroken Man Shoots Himself On Facebook Livestream After Bad Breakup

He was so devastated after his girlfriend broke up with him, he broadcasted his own suicide on social media.

According to Mail Online, this is the story of Erdogan Ceren, a Turkish man who killed himself with a shotgun on Monday.

While looking into the camera, Ceren reportedly said,

No one believed when I said I will kill myself... so watch this.

Below is a video of Ceren addressing his audience on a Facebook livestream that captured his final moments.

As he sits bare-chested with music playing in the background in what appears to be his bedroom, the man holds the weapon up. He is then seen pointing it toward his torso.

Near the video's halfway point, he can be seen closing his eyes and bracing himself for impact.

Shortly afterward, he yells out in apparent frustration. According to Mail Online, this frustration is due to his failed attempt at firing a shot. The weapon appears to have locked.

After yelling, he readjusts the weapon and points it squarely at his chest.

Facebook/Erdogan Ceren

The video above – which is an abbreviated version being circulated by different media outlets – stops shortly before the man fires his fatal shot.

However, in a longer, much more disturbing video posted on YouTube, a loud bang can be heard around the 40-second mark. Then, both the man and his phone appear to drop to the floor.

The video then fades to black as sounds of Ceren groaning in pain can be heard intermittently. Local media reports in Turkey say that the man later died in the hospital.

On Tuesday morning, Ceren's Facebook page featured a series of pictures of what appears to be his funeral. The photos were shared on Ceren's wall by a friend who wrote,

Buried at the place of God in heaven rest in peace bro.

Ceren was only 22 years old.

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